How to Write or Create a Resume In Google Docs- Templates.

Resume in google docs. Is your resume, not landing you the jobs you want? Do you have a hard time selling yourself on paper? If you need help building a resume that gets noticed keep reading because in this article, you’ll learn five simple steps to put your resume together, using the free tool, Google docs. And Hey, if you want a knockout resume, one that gets you in the door for your dream job, I have some free templates just for you.

It’s the five-part formula to make your resume a success stick around until the end. So, you can find out where you can get instant access to the free templates.

Resume in google docs
Resume in google docs

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Resume in google docs

Below are the steps to creating a resume in google docs. Be sure to go through each step in creating a resume in google docs.


Step number one is to fill in your contact information at the top of your resume. You’re going to place your name in big, bold font, right below that you’ll place your phone number, your city state, and your zip followed by your email address. And then you’ll include a custom LinkedIn URL. Now, remember you won’t need to include your entire mailing address for security purposes. However, you will want to have a custom LinkedIn URL.

Now, if you don’t have a custom LinkedIn URL just yet, no worries. You can jump on over to LinkedIn to get that created.

  • You’ll click on the me icon in the top right-hand corner of the LinkedIn page.
  • Then you’ll select Edit public profile and URL from there.
  • Click on the edit icon inside the edit your custom URL section.

You’ll want to create a URL that contains your first name, your middle name, or your last name or some combination of those put together. You have up to thirty(30) characters to use, and this looks a lot better than the combination of letters and numbers that LinkedIn assigns to you by default.


The second step to build your resume in Google docs is to create your professional summary. Your professional summary comes right below your name and contact information, and it’s the very first place a hiring employer or official will read. So, your summary needs to be spectacular. In the example below, we begin with the following action verbs: Self-motivated.

Reliable, Energetic, and Resourceful from their list, the exact title of the position you’d like to obtain or list your current position. Now, you’ll want to customize this section so that it is specific to you. You’ll mention how many years of experience you have in this industry and how your background and expertise are the perfect match for the position. Make sure you also list how you can help the company solve some of their biggest pain points.


The third step to build your resume in Google docs is to add your work experience. This section starts by listing the company, followed by the city and state where the company is located. Then write and align the dates that you worked in that position. Place, your job title right below that, and then include four to six bullet point items that you can mention that are your greatest accomplishments while you were in that position.

Be very careful not to mention job duties, but rather the achievements you made while you were there. Now I know that this isn’t an easy task to do so to help you with this.

I’ve an in-depth article that walks you through exactly how to write achievement statements for your resume. This is the link to Achievement statement.


The fourth step to create your resume in Google docs, is to add your education. After your work experience, you’ll add your education. This includes the type of degree you received, the name of the degree and the institution you received the degree from. You can also add the month and the year that you acquired the degree. If you’re still in school, you can list your expected graduation date.

The education section is also a great place to add special training or certificates you received that relate directly to your industry. An example of this would be a diploma from a trade school or a short-term training program. This could be something like a certified nursing assistant, a commercial driver, or even a massage therapist to really make your education section stand out. You can add clubs and organizations that you participated in. You can even add awards and honors that you received or relevant coursework.


The fifth step to creating your resume in Google docs is to add other relevant sections below your education section. Add other sections that will make an impact. This is a great way to show some of your other talents and highlight other skills and experience that you might have.

Some of my favorite sections to add to a resume are professional memberships, volunteer experience, or even professional skills choose other sections strategically. For example, if you have little or no work experience, you’ll definitely want to add a volunteer experience section or even a professional memberships section. On the other hand, if you have a significant amount of work experience, you might not need to add all of these other sections. You’ll make your work experience section the main focus of your resume. The point to remember is that employers are mainly looking at what you have done most recently. So, if other sections on your resume will help you convey this, then definitely include those.

 And here’s your tip for this article. If you have less than five years of work experience, keep your resume to a one-page resume. If you have more than five years of work experience, it’s okay to move on to a two-page resume in the Google doc resume template.

Linked in this article, I include a number of resume sections that you can choose from for your own resume. And if you want to learn even more, highly effective proven strategies for writing a resume that stands higher than your peers in the job market. Subscribe to receive articles and to take a look at some free resources that I have, where you’ll learn a five-step formula to make your resume as success.

I have a free resume template that I custom created inside of Google docs that you can download now to give you a head start. This template is hands down 100% easier to use and more effective than any of the other pre-made templates inside of Google docs or out there on the internet. So, click the link below this article to download your free Google doc resume template, and let’s jump into it.

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