How to Scrape Website Content

Spreadsheets,Tips 15 April 2011 11 Comments

While this tip might be a little more advanced, it shows how easy it is to “scrape” content from websites into your spreadsheets. We’ll be relying on the fact that HTML is a form of XML (strictly speaking XHTML is a valid form of XML, but for all intents and purposes we can assume HTML [...]

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How To Calculate Roman Numerals

Spreadsheets,Tips 14 March 2011 0 Comments

Given a number, are you able to express it as a roman numeral? In roman, numerals are represented as letters (I for 1, V for 5, X for 10 and so on). These roman numerals are additive; the number is calculated by adding all the letters together, for example: LX = 50 + 10 which [...]

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How To Split The Contents Of A Cell

Spreadsheets,Tips 11 March 2011 0 Comments

File this one under useful formulas: sometimes in a spreadsheet we want to split the contents of a cell. For example, perhaps the you have pasted a list of names into a column, like “John Doe”, but what you really want is the first names in one column and the last names in another. This [...]

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Get The Weekday Name From A Date

Spreadsheets,Tips 8 March 2011 2 Comments

Have you ever wanted to determine what kind of day it was from a date in a Google Docs spreadsheet? For example, suppose you would like to know if March 15, 1976 was a Monday or a Tuesday or a Wednesday, etc.? You can use the weekday() function, but it will return the weekday number, [...]

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