10 Tips on How To Uniquely Optimize your LinkedIn Profile 2021 – Stand Out to Employers and Beat the competition.


optimize your linkedIn profile
optimize your linkedIn profile

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.10 Tips on How To Optimize your LinkedIn Profile And Stand Out to Employers and beat the competition. If you’re not using LinkedIn to its fullest potential, what are you waiting for? All I can say is you are missing out big time, especially when it comes to landing better career opportunities or networking with others in your industry. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to turn the Giant that LinkedIn is into a friendly, giant, easy to manipulate. You’ll learn everything you need to know to navigate LinkedIn professionally and create a profile that grabs attention.

Maybe it’s been some time since you’ve created your LinkedIn account. Maybe you haven’t even looked at it since you created it years ago, whether you’re an active LinkedIn user or not this is your year to get ahead using this platform.

Here in this article, I’m sharing the top 10 things you can do right now to update your profile so that you stand out among the crowd. Let’s jump into it.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

optimize LinkedIn Profile
optimize LinkedIn Profile
  1. Profile Picture – Step 1 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number one, update your profile picture. Having an updated professional profile photo is crucial because that’s the very first thing someone sees when they view your account on LinkedIn. In fact, it’s been proven that if you have a really good profile photo on LinkedIn, your profile will get 10 times more views. And not only that, it gets seven times more connection requests.

So, make sure your profile picture is giving you your best shot. And one of the best ways to do this is to keep your profile picture current. A good rule of thumb rule is to update your profile picture at least once every year. Or if you do something drastic to your appearance, like change the color of your hair completely.

You want to make sure that the profile picture looks like you and keep in mind that you want your profile picture to be professional. You don’t want to use any selfies or pictures of you doing casual activity.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile


  1. Create a Customized Cover Image.- Step 2 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number two, customize your cover image. A lot of people skip this step, but it’s one of the best ways to stand out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn lets you choose a photo of your choice for your cover image. Updating your professional cover image will not only catch the attention of a new connection or a potential employer, but can use it to your advantage to include more details about your skills or maybe some of the services that you provide.

Consider adding text to your cover image that explains more about who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to add personal brand element to the image as well.

optimize LinkedIn Profile
optimize LinkedIn Profile cover Image

And if you still aren’t able to customize a personal cover image, you can upload an image that relates specifically to your industry.


  1. Keep Your Headline Updated – Step 3 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

 Tip number three, update your headline. Another thing a lot of people skip over is their headline. The headline appears right below your name and headshot and it appears right next to your name and headshot in previews or connection requests. Use your headline to your advantage. LinkedIn by default makes your headline that of your current or most recent work title.

Don’t leave it that way. Include anything buzzwords or industry related keywords in your headline so that you come up in relevant searches and catch the attention of a potential employer.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.


  1. Summary Optimization – Step 4 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number four, optimize your summary. Your LinkedIn summary is found in the about section. Make sure you use your summary to tell people or potential employers the most important things about you. It’s a great way to help people learn more about you other than your name and your title before they have to dig through everything else on LinkedIn, like your work experience or your skills.

Now this can be a tough section to write and a lot of people skip through it, but having an effective LinkedIn summary will go a long way. Now here’s a suggestion. When it comes to writing an effective LinkedIn summary, use about two to three paragraphs of information with two to three sentences inside those paragraphs. This gives you enough space to write the most important things about you, but also keeps the summary short enough to retain your reader’s attention. Now here’s another tip when it comes to the summary, make sure you include keywords and keyword phrases related specifically to your industry in your summary.


  1. Keep Work Experience up to Date. – Step 5 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number five, update your work experience. Make sure your work experience includes any employment changes you’ve made over the last several years. And of course include any promotions that you have received once you have each position listed.

Make sure the description is up to date and optimized. Make sure you list your key accomplishments and not your work duties or your job description. Remember you want to try to quantify your accomplishments as best you can. And a clue here when it comes to your work experience sections and optimizing those positions, make sure you’re including again, keywords and keyword phrases for each position in the employer section.

Also make sure you check to see if the companies you’ve worked for or that you currently work for, has an account on LinkedIn. You’ll then be able to link your LinkedIn account to that company. And this gives you more credibility to catch the other five tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Let’s Move on to the other five tips that lets you stand out on LinkedIn.

  1. Keep Your Skill set Up to Date. – Step 6 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number six, update your skills list. If you haven’t yet built in your skills. Now is the time to start. LinkedIn allows you to add 50 skills to your profile, to show a potential employer what you are capable of and what some of your greatest strengths are.

Add as many skills as you can honestly claim, keeping in mind that the more skills you add, the more watered down they become prioritized by adding skills that are relevant to your industry and to your field.

LinkedIn allows you to add just three skills as your top skills. So, pick skills that you want to be known for, and that are very relevant to what it is that you want to be doing or what your expertise are. This leads us to tip number seven.


  1. Endorsement and Recommendations. – Step 7 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number seven, ask for endorsements and recommendations. Did you know that you could ask for others to vouch for your abilities? You can do it by asking them to endorse you for a specific skill that you’ve lifted, or you can ask them to write a nice recommendation for you, letting others know the experience that they’ve had with you and what some of your skills, your talents and your abilities are endorsements and recommendations.

Not only does it tell a potential employer about your professional skillset. They also show how well you work with those around you. Now, to request a recommendation. All you have to do is click on the ask for recommendation button to somebody you’d like to ask a recommendation from and list how you know that person. Don’t just send the default message LinkedIn provides, or you make sure you customize that message, letting the receiver know that you would like a recommendation and why you would like one and to make it even easier, choose a specific skill or some skills that you would like them to mention in their recommendation.

And you can also use this feature to ask the individual to endorse you for a skill. Now, don’t worry about someone writing something embarrassing about you. LinkedIn allows you to review the recommendation before it’s posted to your profile. So, if there is a typo or a spelling error in that message, or if there’s something that you would like them to adjust, you can work that out before the recommendation is actually posted. And my quick clue when it comes to asking for a recommendation is to give a recommendation. Most likely if you provide someone else a recommendation, they will do the same for you.


  1. Edit and Customize Your Public Profile and URL. – Step 8 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number eight, edit your public profile and URL. This is a very important, but an overlooked part on LinkedIn. From your homepage, click on the edit public profile and URL area of the top-right corner of the page. From there, click on the, edit your custom URL in the upper right corner and personalize your LinkedIn profile URL the best way. Very important step to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Now, it’s best to use some variation of your name while you’re here. Make sure you check your publicity settings to make sure they are how you want them to be. Remember if you’re looking for work or clients, don’t hide too much information about you, but just be safe.


  1. Increase your Connections – Step 9 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip number nine, make and increase connections. One of the top things that potential connections or employers will see about you is the number of connects actions you have. So, you want to make sure you take a look at how many connections you have and keep this in mind. This exponentially helps to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile and stand out.

If you have too few connections, a potential employer or connection might see you as someone that doesn’t like to socialize, or maybe someone that is not likable. Now don’t go trying to connect with every profile.  Make sure the individual connects with our meaningful connections, having meaningful connections on LinkedIn means that you stay better informed about your company.

You’re notified when relevant employment opportunities come up and you’re up to date with any industry trends that are happening. If it’s been a while, since you made any connections on LinkedIn, start by reaching out to people.

You know, those could be individuals that you currently work with. Maybe individuals that you’ve previously worked with, maybe even individuals that you went to school with. You can also connect with individuals you don’t know on a personal level, but have something in common with. Send a personalized message to those you’d like to connect with by first clicking on their profile and then submitting the connection request.


  1. Write Contents that gives or add value to others. – Step 10 to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

 Tip number 10, write content to share. An increasingly important thing you can do on LinkedIn to stand and Optimize your LinkedIn profile out is to create content that adds Value. To share. LinkedIn allows you create your own posts and even write articles. Others in your network will be able to read your posts and articles and they can react to them.

They can comment on them or they can even share them with their own community. These posts and articles will promote you on others’ LinkedIn feeds. Now based on your publicity setting, you can also show your articles and posts on your LinkedIn profile as well.

Writing posts and articles related to your work or industry will show a potential employer that you are serious about what it is that you do, that you’re aware of industry trends, and that you are interested in engaging with others. Now Go On ahead, Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Stand Out.

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