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If I were a more poetic person, I suppose this tip could have been called The Tale of Two Context Menus. A context menu (often called a pop-up menu) is a menu that appears when you click the right mouse button. It usually offers a limited set of choices, but they usually pertain to the current selection, or context. When you are surfing the web, right clicking in a web page usually brings up the browser’s context menu with helpful options like navigating back, forwards, reloading the page, printing the page, viewing the page source, saving a selected image or searching the web for the selected text. The contents of the browser’s context menu will differ slightly from browser to browser and also depends on what is selected on the page, if anything.

Some web sites override the right click on the mouse and provide their own context menu. Google docs is one of them. When in a document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing, right clicking on the mouse accesses the Google docs context menu:

You can still access the browser’s context menu when editing a Google doc. Here’s how:

  • Hold the Shift key while right clicking on your mouse. The browser’s context menu will appear:

Accessing the browser context menu using Shift + Right Click is probably one of the lessor known shortcuts available in Google Docs. Some of them are more obvious like Cntl+b for making the selected text bold which is the same keyboard shortcut as many other word processors like Microsoft Word. There are many keyboard shortcuts for both Google documents and spreadsheets.

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