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If you are a big fan of WriteRoom on the mac, or the Windows clone, you’ll be happy to know that you can achieve a similar distraction free experience in Google Docs. WriteRoom is a full screen writing environment that helps you focus on the words on the page by eliminating all the tools and features commonly found in most editors. Serious (and no so serious) writers like how it keeps the focus on the writing, instead of the formatting. After all, content is king! It’s even inspired a very good Chrome extension. Here’s how to achieve a similar effect in Google Docs:

  • Open or create a new document.
  • On the Google Docs View menu, make sure the Show ruler option is not checked.
  • On the View menu, click on Hide controls.

  • The Google Docs menus and toolbars (the “controls”) will disappear. To get them back simply press ESC. Unfortunately, you can still see the browser window’s controls like the address bar, tabs, etc., what they call the “chrome”. Let’s get rid of that: put your browser in full screen mode by pressing F11. You end up with a nice full screen editor without the distractions:

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